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Bieszczadzki PN arrow Rules for visitors

Rules for visiting the Bieszczady National Park for educational and touristic purposes

Full version of the rules with attachments (in Polish)

1. In the area of the Bieszczady National Park, there is a network of marked hiking trails, natural and historical-nature paths and walking paths that are open to the public. Due to the safety of visitors and nature protection, walking along the trails in the area of the National Park is allowed only from dawn till dusk. Admission to tourist trails and to the area of nature paths, between April 13 and November 17, is payable and tickets can be purchased in information and cash points. The amount of fees is specified in the price list. The ticket is valid for the whole day.

2. It is forbidden to take dogs to tourist trails and nature trails, with the exception of sections running along public roads. People with disabilities have the right to move along the trails and paths along with a specially marked assistance dog.

3. Horseback tourism is permitted on specially marked trails for horse riding. The following rules apply to horse riding in the park:

  • Horse-riding routes in the Bieszczady National Park are mainly intended for using horses owned by the park;
  • in a strictly limited way park director may allow for horse trails to be used by horse riders from studs located within BNP buffer zone. The amount of horse riding fees is specified in price list.

4. Routes for horse-drawn carriages, owned by the park have been marked in the area. A fee is charged for carriage rides. The amount of fees is specified in the price list which is a separate attachment. There are following routes: Tarnawa Niżna –Dźwiniacz; Tarnawa Niżna - Bukowiec (public road); Bukowiec parking lot - Dol. Niedźwiedzie stream (to the raincoat); Bukowiec parking lot - Beniowa - Bukowiec parking lot; Wołosate - a section of the road (partly public) towards the Bukowska Pass (4 km); Wołosate - Ustrzyki Górne (along the public road); Wołosate - a route through meadow and pasture in section 180 (2 km).

5. Cycling in the park is allowed on public roads and (after purchasing the admission fee on the trail) on properly marked routes in the valley of the upper San.

6. Skiing is allowed on marked sections of hiking trails and on: walking routes around Wetlina; walking routes in Wołosate (after their launch); walking routes in the Tarnawa protection area (after their launch).

7. Camping is allowed in the following designated places: Campsite in Bereżki; Camping Górna Wetlinka. For the use of the campsite, fees are charged, the amount of which is determined in the price list.

8. In the period from April 13 to November 17, following car parks are in use: in Ustrzyki Górne, in Wołosate, Wyżniańska Pass, in Brzegi Górne, in Bukowiec, in the Terebowiec Valley, in Rzeczyca Valley, in Bereżki near the campsite, in the tourist complex Górna Wetlinka, near the raised peatbog in Tarnawa Wyżna. There is a parking fee, the amount of which is specified in separate attachments. In the period from November 17 to December 31, Bieszczady National Park supervises traffic and collects charges on parking lots in Ustrzyki Górne (entry into the Połonina Caryńska), in Wołosate, on the Wyżniańska Pass and in Brzegi Górne.

9. Campfires are only allowed in places designated and adequately prepared by the BNP:

  • At the Hucul Horse Conservation Stud in Wołosate,
  • In Tarnawa Niżna - the base "Nad Roztokami",
  • At hotel „Biały” in Ustrzyki Górne
  • At Górna Wetlinka camping site,
  • Fire site with shelter at the Environmental Education Station in Suche Rzeki,
  • Fire site with shelter in Ustrzyki Górne (entrance to Połonina Caryńska),
  • Fire site with shelter at the campsite in Bereżki,
  • Fire site with shelter in Terebowiec valley (Ustrzyki Górne),
  • Fire site with shelter near Horse Station in Tarnawa Niżna,
  • Fire site with shelter in Wołosate,
  • Fire site with shelter in Brzegi Górne.

Regulations for the use of fire sites and the amount of fees are set out in the price list.

10. Organizing tourist events, including rallies, in the area of the park, is allowed only with the consent of the park director and on the terms agreed prior to the organization of the event.

11. Organizing authority must ensure the participation of a mountain guide with the required license to the Ehe Eastern Beskids or the Beskidy mountain guide to guide groups of youngsters and children. The maximum number of people in the group is 50.

12. Beskidy mountain guide holding the required certification for the area of the Eastern Beskids and holding a valid BNP license, entering the park area, does not pay fees for providing access to nature trails.

13. The Park's director shall appoint among the employees a person to guide groups in the Park area for educational and tourist purposes.

14. Mountain rescuers and mountain rescuers with rescue dogs are entitled to free access to trails and area of nature trails in the Park on the basis of a valid official ID.

15. Organizing authority is responsible for the safety of the participants and following the regulations of the Park during events.

16. Taking pictures and films for commercial purposes requires the consent of the park director and paying the fee. The amount of fees is specified in the price list.

17. Due to the safety of the tourists, in the winter season, it is recommended to report the planned route at the GOPR rescue stations (Mountain Rescue Team).

18. In the period from January 1 to April 13 and from November 17 to December 31, no admission fees for mountain trails and nature trails are charged.

19. The employees of the Park Service and Park Guard officers are entitled to control persons in terms of following the regulations in force in the Park, including the control of admission fees and to impose fines.

20. In the area of the Bieszczady National Park it is prohibited to:

  • make loud noise;
  • capturing or killing wild animals, collecting or destroying eggs, juveniles and animal developmental forms, disturbing vertebrate animals,
  • collecting antlers, destroying burrows, nests, lairs and other animal shelters and their breeding places;
  • catching fish and other aquatic organisms;
  • destroying or deliberately damaging plants and fungi as well as harvesting wild plants and fungi or their parts;
  • use, destruction, deliberate damage, pollution and alteration of natural objects, areas and resources, creations and elements of nature;
  • performing earthworks permanently changing the ground relief;
  • acquiring rocks, including peat, and fossils, including fossil remains of plants, animals and minerals;
  • destruction of historical heritage objects;
  • walking, biking, skiing and horse riding, with the exception of public roads and trails, paths and routes designated by the director of the national park;
  • walking on horseback riding trails, cycling on hiking and horse-riding trails and nature trails, except for their sections running along public roads;
  • traffic of vehicles outside public roads and internal roads of the Park leading to housing estates and campsites;
  • practicing water and motor sports, sailing on rivers and streams within the National Park;
  • disturbing of park ecosystems through flights on motor-gliders, hang-gliders, paragliders and using other flying devices, such as drones or kites;
  • camping, except for places designated by the director of the National Park;
  • organization of recreational and sports events without the consent of the National Park director;
  • Making fires and smoking tobacco products and use of open flame light sources, except for places designated by the director of the National Park;
  • littering the area, leaving food leftovers and packaging, contaminating the air and soil - rubbish should be taken to containers placed at information and cash points or other touristic facilities;
  • conducting commercial activities without the consent of the director of the Park;
  • placement of boards, inscriptions, advertisements and other signs.

21. The park area is not available for the following actions:

  • amateur fishing;
  • flights on hang-gliders, paragliders and moto-gliders;
  • flights of kites, ski gliding, snow kiting, and flights of drones;
  • operating air flights, helicopter flights and other airborne vessels for tourism purposes;
  • using kayaks, pontoons and other floating equipment on the Park's waters.










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