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An alert about the condition of hiking trails 17.01.2020

symbol - komunikat zimowy.jpgThe tourist routes in Bieszczady National Park are icy and very slippery. We recommend using crampons or anti-slip grips. The thickness of the snow cover oscillates between 0-70 cm. The solid snow cover is mainly found in the forest areas. Above the tree line, the snow cover is uneven. In the peak areas, scattered and melted snow reveals stones and vegetation. Conditions for people moving on touring skis are difficult.

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Attention! Road works

We would like to kindly inform, that road works (renovation of the asphalt surface) on the route no. 897 - section from the Cash and Information Point “Wołosate” to the BdPN forester's lodge in Wołosate - are underway. The planned end of bituminous works is on 19.10.2019 (Saturday) 13 o'clock.

Therefore, please be careful using this section (red tourist trail Wołosate- Bukowska Pass). During the works, the possibility of pedestrian traffic on the side of the road will be preserved. Please select other sections of the tourist trails if possible, as the passage of this section may be temporarily difficult.

Dear tourists!

Image A beautiful autumn weekend is ahead, therefore we expect increased touristic traffic.

We encourage you to go early into the mountains and choose less frequently visited routes. The highest traffic intensity is expected on the routes from the Przełęcz Wyżna to Połonina Wetlińska (Chatka Puchatka) and from Wołosate to Tarnica.

Parking spaces will be easiest to find in less frequently used car parks, such as the entrance to Wielka Rawka - the Rzeczyca valley or the entrance to the Szeroki Wierch - the Terebowiec valley, Ustrzyki Górne.

We remind you about the change in traffic organization in Wołosate where cars can only be parked in two BdPN car parks, and when they are full in the area of ZHKH stud. Please use the spaces allowed to park to avoid a penalty ticket.

Autumn is a changeable season. There are strong winds and rains in the mountains, therefore we remind you of the appropriate protective clothing and footwear suitable to the conditions on the trail.

We kindly ask for cooperation with the Park Rangers and following their advice.

We would like to remind you, that due to the lack of network coverage and mobile data connection in some areas of the Park, is not possible to pay by credit or debit card.

Enjoy your stay!

Attention! Strong wind!

uwaga.pngDear Tourists! Please be advised that the conditions for hiking in the Bieszczady National Park, due to strong wind are very difficult. Branches and trees may fall on the trail. Wandering in such conditions can pose a threat to health and life.

Before going on the trails, please check the weather forecast. On our website we will keep you updated on the current situation in the mountains.

Difficulties on the Muczne-Bukowiec road

Dear Tourists, on September 21, 2019, in the Stuposiany Forest District and the Bieszczady National Park, the bike marathon “Maraton Rowerowy Land Team” will take place.

On this day, the Stuposiany - Bukowiec road section will be closed at specific times:

  • from the bison demonstration enclosure to Muczne - between 11:00 and 11:30
  • from Muczne to Tarnawa Niżna - between 11:10-12:00
  • from Tarnawa Niżna to Bukowiec - between 12:00 - 15:00

Tourists deciding to take a trip to the upper San Valley on this day, please adjust the travel hours.

From 12:30 to 15:30 the competitors will travel along a closed road from Tarnawa Niżna to Dźwiniacz Górny (the walking and cycling path), and then along the bike trail of the Bieszczady National Park. Tourists who want to use mentioned above sections of trails on September 21, please be careful and not impede the ride of competitors.

Details of the competition and a map showing the routes are available on the website

Difficulties on the trails

Dear tourists!

From 06 to 07.09.2019, the "Biesy trail Chady" running competition will take place. The runners will use routes included in the “Rules for recreational and sport events of Instruction for visiting the Bieszczady National Park”, Annex No. 18 to Regulation No. 1/2019 of the Director of the Bieszczady National Park.

The routes include:

Wetlina - Stare Sioło - Jawornik

Wetlina - Stare Sioło - Orłowicz Pass - Smerek - Kalnica

Wetlina - Stare Sioło - Rabia Skała

Tourists who will choose the above mentioned sections of walking trails, please be cautious and understanding!

Change of ticket sales place

Dear tourists!

Please be advised that from 4 September to the end of the tourist season, the collection of admission fees for walking paths in the upper San Valley will be carried out at the Hucul Horse Stable in Tarnawa Niżna. The facility is open every day.

Applies to:

- walking path to the Dźwiniacz Górny,

- nature path along the raised pit bog in Tarnawa Niżna,

- Tarnawa walking and cycling path,

- Sokoliki walking and cycling path,

- fees for using the car park at peat bogs.

Path information and map

Information about the Hucul Horse Stanica

Fees for providing access to the natural and historical path "In the upper San valley “ will still be collected at the ticket office next to the car park in Bukowiec.

The numer of tourists visiting Bieszczady National Park in June 2019
Please be informed that in June, the number of tourists visiting the Bieszczady National Park was similar to June last year. This year, 60.4 thousand visitors were recorded compare to 55,6 thousand last year.
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