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Warning! Renovation on the trails

4m.jpgToday the renovation of the blue hiking trail from Bukowe Berdo towards the Goprowska Pass has begun. At this stage of work the dome of the Bukowe Berdo peak will be secured and a short section of steps (protection against the soil erosion) will be built in, thanks to which loose (dangerous) rock rubble will be removed. Please be careful and follow the instructions of the field service.

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Information about temporary difficulties on the hiking trails

Update 26.06:

The air transport of materials needed for the renovation of hiking trails has been completed. All hiking trails are open.


We would like to inform that due to the air transport of materials needed for the renovation of hiking trails the following routes will be closed:

On 25.06 (Thursday) from 7:30 am until the end of the operation:

1. blue hiking trail: Bukowe Berdo – Krzemień,

2. red hiking trail: Ustrzyki Górne – Szeroki Wierch – Siodło pod Tarnicą.


On 26.06 (Friday) between 5:00-10:00 am:

1. yellow hiking trail: Wielka Rawka - Mała Rawka,

2. trails leading to Połonina Caryńska (all entrances).


We apologize for inconveniences. Please choose different hiking options these days. Please follow the instructions of the Park Service - we must ensure safety conditions. We will keep you updated on any changes, as a consequence of for example weather conditions. 

If you have any questions, please call the BPN Tourist Information Center in Lutowiska, tel. 13 461 03 50. 

Dear Visitiors!

Below we present some important remarks for the long June weekend, because we expect increased tourist turnout, and we want you toprepare yourself best for a mountain hike.

1. Weather conditions do not spoil us. Recently, in some places in the Bieszczady mountains during the day fell as much rain as usually during whole month. There were also flooding in the few villages. Heavy rain affect the condition of the hiking trails as well.

2. Over the weekend changeable weather with periods of rain is forecast. After the rainfall hiking trails are muddy and very slippery, especially in sections, where there is no pernament ground protection (for example wooden gravel steps, wooden bog bridges and boardwalks). Remember to prepare yourself well for going to the mountains.

3. The mountain schelter on Połonina Wetlińska ("Chatka Puchatka") is under renovation and it is not possible to enter the construction site. Such rules apply throughout the country. Hiking is permitted only on marked hiking trails, natural and historical paths. Be sure to read the markings. The Park Service will be on duty all the time and will ensure compliance with the Park rules, of course also providing tourist information.

4. The yellow trail from Wyżna Pass to Połonina Wetlińska has changed its features (especially after rainstorms) and is not so easy now. We strongly advise the elderly and families with small children against choosing this trails. In addition, we inform that the area on both sides of the road is not our property (parking lot and accompanying infrastructure).

5. Vehicles can be parked only in the parking lots (recently road services have improved the exits from public roads to the parking lots, and thus the safety conditions have improved).

6. In Wołosate village cars can be parked only in two BdPN car parks, and when they are full in the area of the horse stable. It is better to use our parking lots (18 PLN for the whole day) than to get a penalty ticket (highly likely). In the vicinity of car parks we provide free toilets. You will also find there a restaurant, educational room and outdoor exhibition

7. You can already use wooden infrastructure. Remember about keeping social distance!

8. Admission to the hiking trails in the Park area is payable (ticktes can be purchased in information and cash points at the begginin of each trail - only in cash or online via the website eParki. The price list in available in our regulations.

9. A stretch of a road to Bukowiec, located in the enclave of the BNP in Tarnawa Niżna, next to the San River, is in a very bad technical condition. We strongly advise both drivers and bikers to exercise extreme caution. Please note, that the aforementioned stretch of the road is not a property of the BNP.

10. All hiking trails are available. Please be wise in the mountains! 

Difficult conditions on hiking trails

slisko.pngAll hiking trails are open. 

After almost three weeks of rainfall in the Bieszczady mountains area, hiking trails are muddy and very slippery, especially in sections, where there is no pernament ground protection (for example wooden gravel steps, wooden bog bridges and boardwalks). There is an especially difficult situation on the new section of yellow trail from Wyżna Pass to Połonina Wetlińska peak (trail repair is in progress).

Most of the places which are now difficult to cross, with very high soil erosion, will be renovated this season. The mountain shelter on Połonina Wetlińska is closed and under renovation. In summer season we are planning to open the shepard's hut on Połonina Wetlińska and create new hiking trails. 

Thank you for your understanding  and patience.

Trail re-opened

Please be informed that from May 29 the red trail from Wołosate village to Bukowska Pass (Przełęcz Bukowska) is open.

Afer the last rainfalls, all hiking trails are slippery and muddy. Please be careful.

Campsite in Bereżki is open

From May 15, 2020. the campsite in Bereżki village is open for tourists.

To ensure the safety of enployees and users of the campsite, we present some of the most important principles:

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Attention! Closed hiking trail


During the period from 15 May to 29 May 2020 section of the red hiking trail from Wołosate to Bukowska Pass (Przełęcz Bukowska) is closed due to the forest work (see the map below).

The rest of the trail is open for tourists. If the works are completed before the planned date, the trail will be opened earlier.



Changes in hiking trails network

Image Please be advised, that the course of yellow hiking trail from Wyżna Pass (parking lot) to Połonina Wetlińska has changed (consult the attached map). Please follow the new marking. It is no longer possible to approach the schelter on Połonina Wetlińska (the renovation of the building) or to cross the forest section of the former yellow trail. The entire ridge of Połonina Wetlińska is accessible (red trail).


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