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An alert about the condition of hiking trails 08.01.2021

symbol - komunikat zimowy.jpgAll hiking trails in the Bieszczady National Park are accesible, but locally icy and slippery. The thickness of the uneven snow cover oscillates between 10 cm in the lower parts and 60 cm on the leeward sides of the ridge. Hiking requires the appropriate equipment (we recommend using crampons or anti-slip grips). Please note that mountain shelters operate to a limited extent in accordance to the government regulations on preventing the spread of COVID-10 (for details please contact the shelter staff directly). Adapt planned route to current weather conditions and your mountain experience. Plan the trip so that you can come back safely before dusk - wandering in snow significantly extends the trip duration. 

Please remember that for safety reasons in the Park we hike only on marked trails. Skiing is allowed on marked sections of hiking trails and on cross-country skiing routes around Wetlina and Wołosate villages. We remind you that, according to the Park regulations, downhill skiing, sledding etc. is strictly forbidden. For the safety of other tourists, please do not slide on snow souncers etc. on hiking trails. This causes icing of the trail and exposes hikers to slipping and falling.

In winter, admission to the Park is free. We try to keep parking lots in Wołosate, Brzegi Górne, Wyżniańska Pass and Ustrzyki Górne cleared of snow. Parking fees are charged according to the winter season price list. We also provide free toilets at the parking lot in Wołosate and three dry toilets located on the trails: Wyżna Pass - trail towards Połonina Wetlińska, Bukowska Pass and in Wetlina - trail towards Orłowicza Pass.

Current weather conditions can be checked on the Mountain Rescue Service and via our webcam.



In connection with the government’s announcement related to the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 causing COVID-19 illness and a tightening of the restrictions, we remind you some general rules about visiting the Bieszczady National Park:

  • Cover your mouth and nose in parking lots, information points and viewpoints, where tourists gather.
  • There is no obligation to cover your face in forest and open areas.
  • Keep appropriate distance from other people, avoid grouping.
  • Avoid places especially popular among tourists, choose less frequented routes.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the Ticket and Information Points.

All hiking trails are open for tourists. All parking lots are open. We provide free toilets. Admission and parking fees can be paid at Ticket and Information Points at the entrance to the trails (we accept only cash) or online on the website:

Please follow the instructions of the Park Service and other services operating in the Park (e.g. Border Guard, GOPR- Mountain Rescue Service). Before a planned trip, it is worth checking the announcements on our website. 

Please, be responsible - for the sake of your own, relatives and other people's health.

Warning! Slippery trails
ImageAll hiking trails in the Bieszczady National Park are open, but due to heavy rainfall conditions on the routes are difficult. The ground on some sections of the trails is boggy and therefore very slippery.

Please be very careful during the hike and choose appropriate clothing and footwear.

The summary of attendance during the holiday season

frekwencja_wakacje_m.jpgPlease be informed that 206,900 tourists entered  the hiking trails in the Bieszczady NP in August - 30% more than in the same period of time last year. Our traffic detector located on the Tarnica peak recorded 54.5 thousand people. In 4 road entrances to the Park we recorded 105.1 thousand vehicles.

During the whole summer season (July-August), the Park was visited by 373.3 thousand people. We recorded a total of 192.4 thousand vehicles at all entrances to the park area. Compared to the summer holidays in 2019, car traffic increased by almost 32%, and the attendance on the hiking trails  by 37%.

Thank you for following the rules of visiting the Park.

New camping site!
We invite all visiting tourists to use our newly opened camping site in Tarnawa Niżna village. The facility is open seasonally, to the beginning of Novemeber.

The camping site is located next to the "Baza nad Roztokami" guesthouse (accomodation and restaurant), at the beginning of the natural and historical path "Tarnawa Niżna-Dźwiniacz Górny. In Tarnawa Niżna we offer also: network of hiking and cycling trails in the upper San river valley, hucul horse stable (horseback rides, carriages), mountain bike rental, open-air exhibition. 

At the camping site we provide: parking spaces, a sanitary container (showers with hot water, toilets), tables and benches and a place for a bonfire.

  • More information: 537 770 887, (13) 461 0350 or e-mail:,
  • Price list
We counted the visitors in July

frekwencja07.2020m.jpgAbout 167,2 thousand tourists were recorded on the hiking trails in July (data from 19 information and tickets points at the entrances to hiking trails). This is 45% more than in the same period of time in 2019. 46,0 thousand visitors have chosen the most popular hiking trail from Wołosate to Tarnica peak (over 54% more than in the previous year). At all road entrances to the park area 87,4 thousand vehicles were recorded (37% more than in 2019), of which over 20,1 thousand was noted by the automatic motion detector in Wołosate.

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New hiking trail

Dear Visitors! We are pleased to announce that we have opened a new hiking trail: Przełęcz Wyżna (Wyżna Pass) (972 m) - Dział (1103 m). It is marked in yellow.

The new section is an extension of the yellow trail Połonina Wetlińska - Przełęcz Wyżna. The entrance to the new trail is on the right side of the parking lot. Please be careful when passing through the parking plate! The route leads mainly through a forested, mild slope to the Dział mountain ridge, where it connects with the green trail. From this point you can walk along the green trail either towards Mała Rawka Peak or to Wetlina village.

Walking time: 1 hour 10 min up and 40 min down.

We remind you that tickets to the Bieszczady National Park can be purchased at the cash and information points at the entrances to the trails or online  -


Warning! Renovation on the trails

4m.jpgToday the renovation of the blue hiking trail from Bukowe Berdo towards the Goprowska Pass has begun. At this stage of work the dome of the Bukowe Berdo peak will be secured and a short section of steps (protection against the soil erosion) will be built in, thanks to which loose (dangerous) rock rubble will be removed. Please be careful and follow the instructions of the field service.

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